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Calibration Management Best Practices: 5 Tips for Keeping One Step Ahead of the FDA

Aug 28, 2014 8:00:23 AM / by Kent Koeman posted in ISO Calibration Services, Pipette Calibration Management, Pipette Repairs, Pipette Training, Pipettes, TTE Laboratories, Pipette Calibration, Pipetting Best Practices, pipette calibration services, gmp select, ISO accredited, buying pipettes, ttelabs,,, 30 years of service, pipetting errors, pipette ergonomics, FDA


Every year, commercial and research laboratories await the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) annual audit of their establishment’s compliance to the strict requirement guidelines. The FDA regulations for laboratory environments are based on the ISO 17025 standard, which focuses on the level of competency and consistency in lab methodology. For companies conducting laboratory research, the ISO 17025 standard applies to pipettes, dispensers, diluters, and burets. So how do labs meet the FDA standards in every aspect of their establishment? Adhering to FDA regulations and ISO standards requires commitment from every employee involved in the organization.

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